Chassis of Cargo Truck ZZ1317N3267C



Model Overview

This chassis model, with scientific structure, excellent performance, is used for refitting fire truck, wrecker truck, oil field truck, crane truck, concrete pumper and etc. This chassis model can satisfy the need of refitting of various kinds of special vehicles.

Technical Parameters

Weight ParameterCurb Mass (kg)10800
Full Loaded Mass (kg)31000
Rated Towing Mass (kg)
Dimension ParameterExternal SizeLength (mm)96609860
Width (mm)2496
Height (mm)3025
Wheel Base (mm)1800+3200+1350,1800+3175+1400,1800+3200+1400,1800+3400+1350
Min. Ground Clearance (mm)314
Performance ParameterMax. Speed (km/h)102
Economic Speed (km/h)82
Max. Grade Ability (%)35
Min. Turning Diameter (m)24

The Vehicle Configuration

EngineModelWD615.95 WD615.96 WD615.95E WD615.96E WD615.95C WD615.96C D12.34-30 D12.38-30 WD615.95NE WD615.96NE
Net Power (kW)/Speed (r/min)245/2200,274/2200,245/2200,274/2200,247/1900,277/2000,245/2000,275/2000,247/2200,274/2200
Max. Torque (Nm)/Speed (r/min)1350/1100-1600 1500/1100-1600 1350/1100-1600 1500/1100-1600 1490/1200-1500 1590/1200-1500 1470/1100-1500 1650/1100-1500 1350/1100-1600 1500/1100-1600
Rear Axle TypeHC16
Rear Axle Ratio5.73
Fuel Tank (L)400
Frame Section(mm)300X90X8
Suspension (Front/Rear Spring)左14右13/左14右13/12,4/4/-,11/11/12,11/11/-,4/4/12,左14右13/左14右13/-

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